Turn your indoor bike into a full body bike!

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For Varibike Indoorbike or Vortec Team Bike, Taurus IC90, Hammer Finnlo Maximum

Turn your indoor bike into a full body bike!

Easily switch between handlebars and upper body training unit
The upper body trainer unit can be quickly exchanged for the handlebars of the Varibike indoor bike.
To exchange simply:

  • Open the quick clamp
  • Pull out the handlebar
  • Insert upper body exerciser unit
  • Close the quick clamp
  • Duration about 30 seconds

Scope of delivery:

  • Support arm, stainless steel with adjustment bracket
  • 2 pieces of friction disks with shafts, stainless steel
  • Cover hood, aluminum, brake felt, large spring-loaded adjustment handle
  • Hand cranks, forged aluminum, powder-coated red glaze
  • Ergonomic, rubber-coated hand crank handles