New: Varibike Extreme – the six pack machine

This world novelty combines a rowing bike and a full body bike in one.

photo: Varibike Extreme  

The new Varibike Extreme has the same features as the Varibike Trike of 2017. 

But this is new and makes it even more variable.  

You can row or paddle not only with your arms, you can row or paddle also with your legs. 

This turn your Varibike into a  

  • Rowing bike
  • Paddle bike
  • Recumbent Bike

see also the following video

How it works
Each leg crank can be rotated individually. Thus you can freely choose the drive style for the legs. You can pedal with your legs synchronously or alternately, individually or together.
This includes the full body rowing, which feels incredibly powerful. The synchron leg pull movement engages in particular the abdominal muscles, that’s why we call the Varibike Extreme also the Six Pack Machine. It has turned out that the Extreme has so many advantages for training and rehab, we have not foreseen at the first sight. 

See also the advantages in the graph

And the plenty of drive styles is fun.
Good is also that you can freely change drive styles without a shifter!  

photo: Extreme leg crank system

 photo: full body rowing  

photo: full body rowing

Comparison of the Varibike Extreme to classic rowing 

A disadvantage of classic rowing is that the full use of force only goes in the direction of pull. The return movement (push movement) when rowing is almost force-free. With the Varibike Extreme you can perform the entire rowing movement with power. This creates more forward drive power. Additionally you can exercise more muscle groups in the high power range for a maximum strength work out. 

Fields of application The Varibike Extreme is a fast race, trekking or touring trike. Depending on configuration (e.g.mudguards, lights, rack etc.) and wheels. It also can be used indoors on a bicycle roller trainer.  photo: Varibike Extreme 

It is meant for  

  • commuters that appreciate a complete full body workout on their way to work
  • sports man, that use it as full body workout or cross training for other sports
  • handicaped or sportsman in rehabilitation that have an injured leg or hip. They can rest the injured leg and use only the good leg for propulsion.
  • hobby riders that like the recumbent kart like feeling and the variety of drive styles
  • travellers that enjoy the change of drive style on longer tours


  • Frame aluminum EN AW 7020
  • Weight about 22kg
  • Wheels 20”x2.00
  • Standard shifting unit SRAM GX 10-speed. Optional: internal gear unit Shimano Alfine 11 speed, or internal gear unit Rohloff 14 speed.
  • Prices: 5041 € (Varibike Trike), 5461 € (Varibike Extreme)

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