You want to test? Then make an appointment with us. With us in Laichingen you can test all models. This is possible on weekdays, evenings or weekends.
There are many beautiful paths here in the Swabian Alb. You can test extensively. It's worth a visit.
We are also easy to reach by train, we are happy to pick you up from Blaubeuren train station and bring you back there after testing.

Just give us a call on Tel. +49 171 28 678 66 then we will make an appointment.
You can also lease your desired Varibike from us.
We are partners of all important leasing companies, e.g. Jobrad, Deutsche Dienstrad, Lease a Bike, Businessbike, Bikeleasing, Eurorad, Mein- Dienstrad.
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The Varibike FR3 weighs approx. 15kg without accessories.
The Varibike FR3 fat bike weighs approx. 16kg without accessories.
Dimensions Varibike Trike: depending on the body dimensions of the rider - Length 160-190 cm x Width 79 cm x Height 75-85 cm. The stand dimensions are 79 cm x 75-85 cm when set up vertically. For example, the Varibike Trike fits into a VW Golf with the rear bench seat folded down, and the front frame protrudes a little between the two front seats, which works very well. The standard version of the Varibike Trike weighs 21 kg without accessories. The Pendix motor weighs an additional 7.3 kg.
Stairs and small obstacles can easily be overcome.
You hold the Varitrike at the end of the frame, lift the front of the trike and then push or pull it over the rear wheels.
The seat is about 330mm above the floor.
The Varibike Trike has a permissible total weight (rider + trike + luggage) of 150kg.
The Varibike Trike is optionally available with a luggage rack with a maximum load capacity of 40 kg. The Varibike Trike is then considered a cargo bike and can receive the cargo bike subsidy in many communities.
A trailer can also be easily mounted on the Varibike Trike.
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The cranks of the Extreme system are each equipped with a freewheel. This means that you can choose whether to propel with just one crank or with both cranks. Whether you crank alternate or synchron. The cranks have no locking function to each other. With ‘normal’, fixed (that is, dependent) cranks, when you press one pedal down, the other pedal is brought up. That doesn’t happen with Extreme system cranks: unless you actively pull the pedal back up and round, your foot will remain at the bottom of the stroke – there’s no help from the other crank. For the pull movement with the Extreme system you need clipless pedals. With the extreme system you use more muscles to make the rotation, and the weak spots in your pedal stroke are ‘trained out’, resulting in a stronger, more balanced and efficient cyclist. In contrast to normal cycling, with the Extreme system in combination with the recumbent laying position, additional muscle groups are activated. In particular the abdominal muscles. The Extreme System takes time to get used to. If you've ridden it for about 2 weeks, then it's a lot of fun and you don't want to be without it anymore. That's our experience and that of the customers. The effort until you can do it is worth it. The Extreme System is optional and can also be retrofitted. If the workout is not in your focus when cycling you might consider to take the Varibike Trike with the standard leg cranks that are fixed to each other. Even with the standard leg cranks and without the Extreme system the Varibike Trike has 7 different drive styles. No other bike in the world offer that much variety. Contact us and we will advice you which system is appropriate for you.
The Varibike Trike can be transported on a bike carrier. The bike carrier must have 3 wheel rails. The middle wheel rail holds the front wheel and each outer wheel rail holds a rear wheel.
The brake lever is located centrally between the arm cranks. The Varibike Trike is braked using a front wheel brake. This brakes the front wheel of the tricycle particularly safely, as the Varibike Trike cannot roll over when braking. The front wheel brake is actually sufficient as the only brake, but the law requires a second brake. That's why the Varibike Trike also has a second brake. This is operated via a brake lever on the right of the seat. The second brake also has a parking brake function. Before developing the current brakes, we had concerns about whether they would work safely and quickly. But it turned out that these concerns were unfounded. With the Varibike you sit very securely in the seat and therefore do not have to support yourself with your hands on the handlebars, as it is the case with a normal bike. Also you steer the Varibike Trike using only your legs. To steer, you swivel the front frame to the right or left with your legs. So with the Varibike Trike your hands are completely free and you can reach for the centrally located brake surprisingly quickly. As I said, you sit and steer safely, without using your hands. Our customers are usually amazed how well and safely braking works.