Full body workout on three wheels 

With the Varibike recumbent trike you can      

  • ride fast like a racing bike      
  • transport heavy loads      
  • train your whole body      
  • or just cruise and enjoy 

No other recumbent is so versatile 

Image: Varibike recumbent trike with additonial arm cranks

Driving fun and variety

The exciting thing about the Varibike recumbent trike is that you can propell it in different ways. Simply change the drive style and you have a refreshingly new driving experience. 

You can even change your drive style while riding - fast and without a switch. 

You can choose between:

1. Cycling (like a bicycle) 

2. Alternate with arms (similar to paddling) 

3. Synchronized with arms (similar to rowing) 

4. Alternate with arms + cycling 

5. Synchronized with arms + cycling 

6. Right or left arm 

7. Right or Left Arm + Cycling 

No recumbent trike in the world offers so much variety. 

Most effective drive

The Varibike recumbent trike has a particularly high performance due to its additional manual drive. 

A study* by the US-American New Mexico State University shows - the arm and leg crank drive is the most effective type of drive through muscle power. With the same heart rate, you achieve 31% more maximum drive power than with a bicycle. This allows you to achieve higher acceleration, climbing ability and speed. In addition, Varibiking has a higher continuous power output. 

Click to download the study. 

Cargo bike with three wheels 

There is enough space behind the seat of the cargo bike trike to transport transport boxes or baskets. The maximum load of the rear luggage rack is 40 kg. 

Photo: Recumbent cargo trike Varibike

The recumbent trike always has a secure standing while driving and while loading and unloading. A load trailer can also be attached to the trike frame to transport even more luggage. Image: Cargo bike with additional hand drive and foot drive 

FULL BODY WORKOUT instead of just legs.

The recumbent trike has a hand drive and leg drive. When you pedal, you train almost your entire body. Arms, shoulders and parts of the torso muscles are also trained in addition to the legs. The effect on fitness and figure is correspondingly high. You move around and you practically have your own gym with you. It couldn't be easier and, above all, more effective. 

Photo: Recumbent trike with arm drive 

Performance increase

Varibiking HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the ideal training for improving performance. And this is how it works: Due to the greater muscle activity when Varibiking, you use significantly more oxygen than when cycling. This is an increased training stimulus that improves your maximum oxygen uptake and thus your overall performance. 

* Study by the University of Würzburg - click on the study 

Greater Endurance 

In contrast to cycling, you are more enduring with the Varibike recumbent bike. The reason - due to the different drive styles of the Varibike trike, your muscles are stressed with varying intensity. Sometimes you row, sometimes you paddle, then you drive sometimes more with your arms and sometimes more with your legs, etc.. In this way, individual muscle groups can always recover while driving. 

Photo: Varibike recumbent trike with arms and legs

Cruise and chill

Yes, you can do a tough workout with the Varibike Trike. But the comfortable seat of the recumbent trike also invites you to chill out. Sit back, let it roll and enjoy the scenery. Your recumbent trike cannot tipp over when driving slowly. You have time to take a close look at your surrounding. The perspective on a recumbent trike is very different than on a racing bike. The gaze goes up towards the sky. It's nice to watch the clouds. 

Photo: Varibike recumbent trike and handbike in one

Option: Trike Stabilizer 

The trike stabilizer is a new development and a patent pending. The Varibike Trike can optionally be equipped with the stabilizer. 

If a curve is driven at excessive speed, a trike can tip over, regardless of whether the trike is a Delta Trike (e.g. Kettwiesel from Hase Bikes, Varibike Trike) or a Tadpole Trike (Scorpion from HP Velotec). We have developed a trike stabilizer that offers the Varibike trike increased security against tipping over. The trike stabilizer reduces the tendency to tip over when cornering. The two rollers of the stabilizer have a certain distance from the road surface. If the trike begins to tip outward in the curve, the roller touches down on the roadway and counteracts the trike from tipping. At the same time, the rolling resistance of the roller, that touches down, causes the trike to slow down. This reduction in speed also reduces the tendency to tip over. The trike stabilizer is not an absolute security against tipping over. If the cornering speed is much too high, the stabilizer cannot prevent tipping. But it provides effective additional security against tipping over, especially in the border area. 

The trike stabilizer is particularly suitable for 

• Trike novice drivers 

• People who want additional safety when cornering with trikes 

Option: Varibike Extreme

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Option: E-Bike Pedelec 

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