Grin electric motor

The Grin electric motor is built into the right rear wheel. The Grin electric motor is a powerful hub motor. The display is located centrally and clearly visible between the arm cranks. With the Grin electric motor you can turn your Varibike Trike into a 2-Wheel-Drive-Trike. You drive the front wheel with muscle power and the right rear wheel with the Grin electric motor. This two-wheel drive gives you enough grip. With studded tires you can also climb steeper climbs. 

Pendix electric motor 

The Varibike Trike is also available with the lightweight Pendix eDrive electric motor. The Pendix electric motor is a noiseless central motor with battery and integrated control. It is very easy to use. LEDs indicate the charge status of the battery. You can select the Eco, Smart or Sport driving mode using the rotary knob at the top of the battery. Because the Pendix motor is in front of the front wheel, this increases the contact pressure on the front wheel. This increases the grip on the front wheel.