Technology Review: Varibike Test in issue October 2015

 Tried out. The Varibike is driven in parallel with hands and feet. Compared to a normal bike, you are much faster on the road - and you train your whole body. 

you can download the test report here

New Mexico State University: 31% more max. power output

 A study of the New Mexico State Univerity showed that (at the same heart rate) the maximum power output could be increased by over 30% using combined arm-and-leg cranking compared with normal cycling. Furthermore, the endurance performance was found to be higher. 

you can download the study here

Fietserbond: Varibike Test 6.October 2015: Peddelen met handen en voeten

 TestKees stapte op de varibike, een fiets waarbij je niet alleen je benen ronddraait maar ook je armen. 

you can download the test report here

Focus Magazin: Varibike Test issue 32/2015: The bike reinvented

 The “Varibike FR3” really impressed our author. The combination of hand and foot drive trains pretty much all muscle groups. 

you can download the test report here 

Trialsport Magazin: Varibike Test in issue 1/2015 VARIBIKE

 We went to Martin Kraiss in Ulm for the Varibike test and were able to experience the unique driving experience with the Vari drive and tilt steering for ourselves. Martin Kraiss's ingenious invention enables cycling with active arm use and is therefore dynamic Full-body training device in a class of its own. 

you can download the test report here 

A prototype for simultaneous arm and leg crank bicycling: A case study

The case study was made in November 1993. The study compares an arm and leg crank bike and a leg crank bike regarding the performed amount of work. 

you can download the test report here