Healthy Biking.

"Thanks to Varibike, I'm fit and balanced like never before."

Body & Soul

Varibike is the ideal form of locomotion. It is quick, environmentally-friendly and equally satisfying to body and soul. The intuitive inclination steering makes for incredible fun. This allows the Varibike to master fast and winding descents, as well as woodland and field tracks. The Varibike-biker can therefore enjoy his favourite routes with ease, while at the same time exercising his whole body. Anyone who has ridden the Varibike will never bother getting his old bicycle out of the garage again. Riding the Varibike is now the most wonderful form of sport of all.

Strong muscles and bone structure 

A sporty ride with the Varibike is unbelievably satisfying. After a Varibike ride, you can feel every muscle in your body. This strengthens the muscles and skeleton and lubricates the joints.

Boost to anti-ageing 

When riding the Varibike, a large number of muscle groups are active simultaneously. Their coordination creates new connections/synapses in the brain. The inclination steering also trains the sense of balance. Sports therapists have therefore confirmed that the Varibike constitutes a boost to anti-ageing, and emphasise this contribution for the well-being and mental fitness of the rider.

Warm body 

When riding the Varibike, the whole body is in motion. The body is warmed evenly due to proper circulation. This protects against cooling and tension in under-cooled muscle groups.