FIELDS OF APPLICATION:  Fast race, trekking or touring trike. Depending on configuration (e.g.mudguards, lights, rack etc.) and wheels. 

FRAME:  High-tensile aluminium EN AW 7020. COLOR Powdercoated in black. 

BRAKES  Disc-Brakes: Additional hand brake with parking brake. Optional: Back pedal brake on left arm crank. 

STEERING  Drive neutral VariTrikeSteering. SEAT Mesh-seat. Adjustable seat angle. 

ARM CRANK UNIT  Synchron chain with chain guard. Arm crank position adjustable in height and depth. Ergonomic hand crank grips. 

VARIDRIVE  VariDrive with 7 different drive styles: 

  1. Cycling
  2. Alternate with arms
  3. Synchron with arms
  4. Alternate with arms + Cycling
  5. Synchron with arms + Cycling
  6. Right arm or left arm
  7. Right arm or left arm + Cycling

 Change drive style even during the ride. 

SHIFTING UNIT  Standard shifting unit Shimano XT 10 speed. Optional: internal gear unit Shimano Alfine 11 speed, or internal gear unit Rohloff 14 speed 

PRICE 6.499 € incl. VAT. 

Option: Trike Stabilizer 

The trike stabilizer is a new development and a patent pending. 

The Varibike Trike can optionally be equipped with the stabilizer. If a curve is driven at excessive speed, a trike can tip over, regardless of whether the trike is a Delta Trike (e.g. Kettwiesel from Hase Bikes, Varibike Trike) or a Tadpole Trike (Scorpion from HP Velotec). We have developed a trike stabilizer that offers the Varibike trike increased security against tipping over. The trike stabilizer reduces the tendency to tip over when cornering. The two rollers of the stabilizer have a certain distance from the road surface. If the trike begins to tip outward in the curve, the roller touches down on the roadway and counteracts the trike from tipping. At the same time, the rolling resistance of the roller, that touches down, causes the trike to slow down. This reduction in speed also reduces the tendency to tip over. The trike stabilizer is not an absolute security against tipping over. If the cornering speed is much too high, the stabilizer cannot prevent tipping. But it provides effective additional security against tipping over, especially in the border area.

The trike stabilizer is particularly suitable for 

• Trike novice drivers 

• People who want additional safety when cornering with trikes 

Option: Varibike Extreme 

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Option: E-Bike Pedelec

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