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Aluminum frame; RST aluminum suspension fork with lockout; derailleur Shimano 24-speed; Lighting unit according to traffic regulations, with Shimano hub dynamo and rear standlight function; rack aluminum; mud guards; double kickstand

EUR 2699,--   including German VAT

Four wins.
When riding the Varibike Tandem everyone wants to sit on rear seat, because that is great workout and fun. The Varibiker on the rear seat can choose between pure leg pedaling or cranking with arms and legs together. Additionally, he or she can switch anytime and during the ride between Alternate and Synchron Style. Because who wants to JUST PEDAL?


Do you still pedal or do you already crank?

Touring ready.

The Varibike tandem is fully equipped for the grand tour. From rack, over mud guards to complete lighting system with a hub dynamo. By also using the upper body and alternating between different arm driving styles, this prevents you from muscle tension and muscle acidification. Therefore, with the Varibike Tandem you are much more enduranced than on a normal tandem. And of course faster, because the arm drive provides the Varibike Tandem with an extra boost. You have never reached distance destinations as quickly and easily :-)

We are off then.

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